What We Treat

Skin rashes and infections

Pink eye

Cough and sore throat

Cold and flu symptoms

Insect bites and stings

Earaches and swimmer's ear

Seasonal allergies

Sinus infections

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections

Yeast infections

Nausea and diarrhea

Minor back and shoulder pain

Minor trauma, burns or abrasions

How Telemedicine Benefits Patients

Thanks to telemedicine. Patients can do so by medical streaming equipment in the comfort of their homes. In the absence of multiple waiting rooms in which people with transmissible conditions expose themselves to others, illness transmission is reduced.

Telemedicine benefits patients in the following ways:

  • There is no compromise on work: nowadays people can make an appointment during work time for telemedicine care.
  • Save on transportation: patients may avoid travel expenses or waste time on traffic.
  • Childcare / Childcare challenges: tools for telemedicine for those who fight for care alternatives should be used—the perfect option for the sick.

In Town Care is offering Telemedicine services to better serve our community. If you have a fever, urinary tract infection symptoms, cough, sore throat, in need of prescription refills, or other health concerns, you can get screened by a provider by phone or video without having to seek in-person care. Get connected with a provider within 15 minutes. Connect with us to begin the process.

Why is Telemedicine Important Today?

Telemedicine care is relatively recent and grows at a quick speed in the context of the Internet. The extensive affordability and accessibility of the essential telemedicine software are progressing as technology advances at exponential levels. The rising area of mobile health often impacts the rise in telemedicine today. Patients continue using apps to control and track their wellbeing through their wide variety of mobile wellness software and modern handheld medical tools, which are user friendly. Patients will gather medical information needed for their doctor's diagnosis without going to a doctor's office, utilizing simple home-use medical devices, which may take vitality.

We Offer Telemedicine Care

We know how overwhelming your daily tasks can be. The key to ensuring immediate and straightforward health care is access to quality healthcare from the privacy of your home or wherever you may be. Telemedicine enables our healthcare providers to distance patients with telecommunication technology to evaluate, diagnose, and treat them. To have patients without an in-person appointment, we use online correspondence and apps. Our treatment covers new patient and establish patient care, prescription refills, consulting with a provider, and may also include referral services to specialties and ordering of diagnostic labs and radiological services. All are easily accessible via safe video and audio connections.

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